YouTube Video Marketing Guide

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Well, first you need something to promote. If you don’t have any product to sell that is not a problem, head on down to either ClickBank or Commission Junction and get your self an account, now you have thousands of products to choose from.

How you can create your videos for free without having to purchase any expensive software!

First, you need to grab yourself a free copy of Cam Studio, this is open source software you get the full version for free and unrestricted. Do a search on Google to get the URL

This software will allow you to record your screen and output it into a video format compatible with the video sites.

Next, you’re going to need some slide show presentation software if you have MS Office and PowerPoint already installed then great! You can use this.

I do not have PowerPoint don’t worry you won’t have to buy Microsoft’s overpriced software there is a free solution (this is what I personally use not because I am tight – I just like it) it’s called Open Office.

Again this is Open Source and is made out of the kindness of their hearts! Good software too!

Download and install your free copy from their website search for “Open Office” on Google

Now you can probably guess what we are going to do with it, but heck ill tell you anyway just in case:) basically, you’re going to make a slide show promoting the product of choice! Record your screen while you play it, viola you have a short video!

Now I got the gear what kind of video should I make?

Information Products
You can condense all the benefits of an information product you promoting on ClickBank into a slide show and record it.

You can find out all the information from the sales page of the products you’re promoting it should give you all the information you need to make this if not then it has a poor sales page so move on.

Or better still do a product comparison compare the features, benefits, and price of 2 products and give them the information and let them decide which is best for them and give them both affiliate links!

Software Demonstrations
If you promoting a software product you can make a video demonstrating the features, just record yourself using it.

If your able to get audio even better you can talk over the video as your demonstrating it if not it can still work OK just add subtitles explaining what you are doing it will work just as well:)

You can find loads of affiliate programs for software on ClickBank and around the web that you can promote I would avoid promoting something you haven’t tried yourself as you don’t want to tell people to buy something that doesn’t work or is substandard!

How-To Videos
These types of videos get a lot of attention on YouTube and other video sites, people always want tutorials on how to do something.