SEO And Keyword Research

SEO or search engine optimization of a website must start with proper keyword research. The keyword here refers to the words or phrases that a web searcher types into Google or any other search engine box. What has to be researched here? Well, keyword research is defined as the act of determining those keywords/phrases by which people search for a topic of interest on the Internet. SEO professionals have to thus develop the art of choosing the apt keyword that will be used by the potential customer and then optimize the website/ webpage for such a search. When a particular Drug Rehab Keywords is used to search our website, it must be ranked high on the SERP (search engine results page).

Keyword research is a technique that one can master by experience. There are many free and paid keyword research tools available online that can be used. Here are some important points during keyword research that must be kept in mind:

Get familiar with the target audience
Select keywords that have high search volume
Familiarize with the specific industry terms
General terms are more competitive
Low volume but very specific keyword can get quality traffic
Reach a balance with regards to volume and quality
Better to focus on the specific long tail keyword (those with more than three words)

There are many types of keyword research tools like keyword suggestion tools, keyword valuation tool, keyword density analysis tool, keyword editing tools, keyword modifiers etc. These tools can help one to choose the right keyword and then to decide on which to target and finalize depending on the competition.