Quartz Crystal Pyramids

A couple of months prior a companion put me in contact with Dieter Schrade, a craftsman from Germany. Health food nuts make Quartz Crystal Pyramids. At the point when I referenced this to a companion, his reaction was “what is that?” He was exceptionally charmed when I disclosed it to him, I trust you’ll have a similar response.

What is a Quartz Crystal Pyramid

A Quartz Crystal Pyramid has mending characteristics and qualities like Crystal Singing Bowls and Gongs yet with an alternate symphonious and feel. It has that high vibration, light glasslike feel you get from a precious stone singing bowl.

The bigger pyramids have a vigorous vibration you would get from a gong. The more modest pyramids sound like an unweighted tuning fork, a tingsha of or 5″ singing bowl. Each pyramid is hand made with unadulterated quartz precious stone.

The components of each pyramid are scaled to similar measurements as the Cheops Pyramids in Egypt. They are have an eye on top and accompany a cowhide tie with the goal that you can without much of a stretch hold or hang the pyramid.

Who Can Use The Crystal Pyramid

Perhaps the best thing about the Crystal Pyramid is that you should simply tap. There is no uncommon preparing, procedure or method for utilizing them. Simply tap, tune in and feel. With the bigger pyramids you can really make two unique tones, one by tapping the base and an alternate tone by tapping the sides. The tones can last as long as a moment or more. The people who will truly like the pyramids are sound advisor and energy healers who work with gatherings and people and those working with otherworldly mindfulness or who feel an association with pyramids. They are additionally excellent for clearing rooms and enormous territories, for clearing chakras, and for any individual who works with mantras or reciting. I figure artists will have loads of fun with these also.

The pyramids come in a wide range of sizes, the most mainstream being the 14″, 8″, 5″ and 3″.

Picking the Size

You would pick the size of the bowl a similar way you’d select a singing bowl or gong. In the event that you like the more profound tones, select a bigger pyramid. On the off chance that you like higher pitch tones, picked the more modest pyramid.