Look After Your Jewelry

We all have our treasured jewelry boxes with our collection of treasured pieces of jewelry. Pieces that we have been collecting for a lifetime and pieces that we can wear for any occasion and with any outfit. But are those treasured pieces stored properly? Are they getting damaged as the life together in your jewelry box? Should you be taking better care of your jewelry. After all, it has cost a small fortune and is an investment to be looked after and handed down.

If your jewelry properly cares for it will last you for a very long time. Imagine the joy for your kids and grandkids long after you have gone to be able to wear something that was yours. Give your jewelry a wipe over after you have worn it. Use a soft polishing cloth of cotton. This will remove any oils from your skin that has been left on the jewelry. Don’t use anything with polyester to clean your jewelry as this could scratch it.

To remove fingerprints and minor grime you can soak your jewelry in warm soapy water for a few minutes. Rinse it off with warm running water and buff dry with your lint-free cloth. Make sure it is thoroughly dry before you put it away. A big no-no is chlorine or bleach and jewelry. If you are working with bleach or chlorine remove your jewelry. The nasty chemicals in chlorine and bleach will destroy the metal in your jewelry and render it unrepairable. The same goes for other stuff like ammonia, acetone, turpentine, and alcohol.

If you wear silver jewelry be aware that it will tarnish. The best way to keep it from tarnishing is to keep wearing it. If it is left sitting around for long periods of time it will start to tarnish and will need a clean with the proper silver cleaning agent and polishing with a soft cloth.

When you Nikola Valenti’s Official Site store your jewelry care must be taken as some pieces will scratch others if allowed to rub together. Pearls especially are very soft and will damage easily. Wrap them in soft material and store them away from other pieces. Even diamonds, that are very hard can be scratched by other diamonds. If your jewelry came in little boxes or bags keep it in these or get some little bags so that you can store your nice pieces safely.

Always remove your jewelry if you are working manually, in the garden, etc. Don’t wear it to the gym or in the hot tub. Always put it on last after your makeup and hairspray as these are all chemicals that could harm your jewelry. So with a few basic tips, you can have your precious pieces looking as good as new forever and even your grandchildren in years to come can say, ‘This beautiful piece was my Grand Mothers.’