Learn Astrology – Why Sun Signs Don’t Always Work

Why Some People Don’t Resemble Their Sun Signs

Why don’t I resemble my Sun sign? Learn the sixth house in astrology to find out the answer in these lessons:

Lesson 1: The Three Circles

In astrology, there are signs, houses, and constellations. See, you are already learning astrology!

Lesson 2: The Circle Of Constellations

The zodiac of constellations begins opposite to the star called “Spica” Sometimes the circle that begins opposite to Spica is divided into 12 equal parts called “signs”. But these “signs” do not exactly correspond to the sizes and positions of the constellations.

The zodiac of constellations moves about in a circle, slowly.

Lesson 3: The Circle Of Signs

Another batch of signs begins on the first day of spring. It, like the other one, is divided into 12 equal parts, also called “signs.”

Sometimes signs have been called “houses.”

Lesson 4: The Circle Of Houses

But lately, there is the 3rd circle that has been more commonly called by the name of “houses.’ It begins on the eastern horizon. The eastern and western horizon, and the upper and lower meridian, in the sky, are called “the 4 angles.”

A meridian is a line from earth’s pole to pole, in other words, north pole, south pole. This is extended into the sky to form a meridian in the sky.

Lesson 5: Strong And Weak Houses

There are 3 kinds of houses in astrology:

Angular houses are strong. A planet, sun, or moon is in an angular house as it approaches the 4 angles – the horizon or the meridian.

Cadent houses are weak. As a planet “falls” away from an angle, it becomes “cadent”, which means “falling” in the Latin tongue.

Succeeded houses are midway between 2 angles and are medium in strength.

Lesson 6: To Where Is All Of This Leading?

So let me remind you why I gave to you so much background. We are trying to answer the question, “Why do some folks not resemble their birthday signs?” Birthday signs are also called “Sun’s signs.”

A person born when their Sun was in a cadent house has a weaker Sun and does not resemble their Sun sign unless strengthened some other way. This means that only 2 out of 3 people resemble their Sun signs.

What You Can Do If You Keep This In Mind

If you keep this in mind, you can see why some people think that astrology may be bunk.

Lesson 7: 2 Kinds Of Capricorn Suns

Capricorn born in a day is different from Capricorn born at night.

Day Capricorns (Sun above the horizon) are very ambitious, whereas the night Capricorns just want to have a simple and enjoyable life. This is what I read, and my experience has borne it out, so far.

Lesson 8: The Elvis Controversy

There has been a controversy about the birth time of Elvis. 2 times have been dug up. One of the times gives him Sagittarius rising, and the other gives to him Taurus rising.

If Elvis was born with Sagittarius rising, then he was born at night, and he was not ambitious. But if he was born with Taurus rising, then he was born in the day, and he was ambitious.

Do you think that Elvis was ambitious?

Lesson 9: Selective Suns

Each house represents a milieu, for example, 3rd house the neighborhood, 5th house the workplace, 9th house college or church, 12th house, privacy or confinement.

When the Sun is in a cadent house, the person is like their Sun sign, but only for that house. In other words, Sun in Libra in the 6th house, they appear to others as a Libra only when they are in the workplace.

There are some wanderings from this law, and they are able to be read in the chart.

For example, if the Sun conjoins the lord of some other house, then the person is like their Sun sign in that house also. Same way if Leo is on the cusp of that house. If Sun is in the 12th house and conjunct to the lord of the 10th house, then the person appears to be a Pisces not only in privacy or intimacy but also in their public image, which is the 10th house.