How to Handle Issues Surrounding an Alcoholic Spouse

One of the most devastating things associated with having an alcoholic relationship with a wife or husband is the issue of being second place to their drinking habits. When a spouse is in love with the party life more than they are with you, this can be a difficult situation to accept.

Support groups for spouses of alcoholics

I was married to a wife who had serious drinking problems and several narcotic addictions. Through attending thousands of support group meetings, over the past thirteen years, I’ve learned many ways of handling this type of situation.

First, let me start by setting the foundation of what you are dealing with. An alcoholic from the time they get up until they fall asleep has one thing bombarding their thoughts; “where will I get a drink from today.” Unfortunately for us, this means we take second place to their addiction. I would have loved it if my wife would have had those types of never-ending thoughts about me, but she did not. Many nights and days, I was left alone because she was out having a party time with whomever she could find to join her.

The only way to handle this issue of being second place to the bottle is to accept the situation for what it is. You have no other choice in the matter.

Now if you can grasp the truth in what I have just shared, you can now move to the next step. This is where you begin to do things that you enjoy rather than waiting around for the alcoholic spouse to fulfill your need to be happy. I am not suggesting that you get involved with someone of the opposite sex. I am suggesting that you find things that you really enjoy doing without an alcoholic.