Best Wattpad Books You Should Read During Quarantine

Best Wattpad Books You Should Read During Quarantine

Are you extremely bored at home but nothing can be helped except waiting for the Movement Control Order (MCO) and the pandemic to end? Installing Wattpad can give you a wide genre of stories for free reading! But you need a good internet for that.

Time fibre is the best broadband you can get for fast reading of your favorite Wattpad book.

Set up Time fibre Malaysia , because here are the best Wattpad books you should give a read during quarantine:

Murder Riddles (Ashtsk)

Do you like playing a guessing game? Do you love the feel of disbelief when you find out the true answer to the riddles? This collection of murder, theft and many kinds of themes can baffle you to believe you are intelligent enough to answer but stuck at dead end when there is no loophole to search for until you gave up and read the answer. These riddles are mind boggling and so unexpected that you need to relax your brain, come back and be passionate to solve the mysteries. There is no timer for quick answers, but your patience can determine if you are a worthy opponent for the smartest person on the planet.

Don’t Try The Noodles (Sal Kim)

We have gotten so used to blooming romances at cafes and parks, but what if love floats
in the air of a Korean noodle shop? Helping out the family restaurant has been a daily thing for Bailey Cho during the summer breaks until her totally normal world changes as her unforgettable first crush walks in. One misunderstanding after another is common in the romance troupe, but a little tangle here and there can unravel into a simple sweet summer for the two.

If you are a sucker for cute romance stories who craves to fill the lonely feeling in your chest (especially when you are single) but love to root for your favorite characters that makes you scream ‘just kiss already!’, Bailey and Caleb are the power couple you’re looking for.

Hide And Seek (Jakayla Toney)

We love playing hide and seek back in our childhood days. But what if an innocent day of playing led to a horrific night of losing your loved one? Following Emily’s loss and grief, she and her brother were sent to live with their parents’ best friend, Mr. and Mrs. Harmon despite never hearing of them before. The only good thing is that they are able to live a luxurious life and a dream every child would yearn for. But there is always a dark side to everything and makes you, as a reader, feel uneasy as you read further into the story – a handprint in the dirt, a fired maid in the garden, a mysterious yet deathly book that may cost Emily’s young life . . . a girl who seem harmless and love to play Hide and Seek, but is it safe to be around her is a question.